Don't decrese the goal. Increase the effort !
See improvements in days.

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Just four years ago, I could barely dunk

First thing’s first: I wasn’t born a freak athlete.

As the starting point guard, I won a state championship during my 4 varsity years at High School in Alberta, FL, but it wasn’t until my stretch at Eastern Sptings State College that I managed to capitalize on my athletic potential.

Thanks to world-class guidance from elite league and Division I coaches and my desire to find and execute the drills that really work, I’ve recorded a 48” vertical jump, and have distilled my workouts into three stages that have already helped thousands of average athletes transform into high-flying freaks of nature.

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I played against nick in person and hes a cool dude. Got my first ingame dunk 2 days ago.


thought this guys videos were all fake until he pulled up to the courts @ Venice Beach. bro got bounce and can really hoop 🏀🐇

- Jermaine

white men can jump hahahh. nah frl tho this guy will get you right.

- Edward
west virginia

cant fly like this dude yet but already seeing improvements in my one-foot takeoff after 1 week

- armand
south carolina

Ngl Im 6'1" and could only touch rim but now im throwing self-alleys off the backboard now 😈

- tyler

Coach cant say nothing to me this season. These workouts got me dusting everybody in warmups and nobody tryna jump with me either.

- zeke
new jersey
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My program works for all ages and all levels. My program requires no weights or special equipment and can be done at home. Exercise videos of each movement are included so there is no prior workout experience needed.

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